Contacting Your Commissioners.

The revised Ordinance will come up for approval by the County Commissioners in the next few months. Your help is needed now to contact your Commissioners! I encourage all of you who irrigate from a lake, pond or well to take a few minutes and contact your Commissioners now and let them know what you think! Those few minutes will potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for as long you will own a home here!

The Commissioners have a Contact Page that makes it very easy to send them your concerns.

Each resident has four Commissioners: One for your specific district and three who are county-wide. The county-wide are Commissioners Hagan, Beckner and Higginbotham who are the last three on the list, so click on all three of them for sure. If you live in the Apollo Beach or Ruskin areas, also click on Commissioner Sandy Murman's name. If you live in Sun City Center or Wimauma areas, also click on Commissioner Stacy White's name. If you don't know who your specific Commissioner is, click here and enter your address. Or you could just click on all seven Commissioners.

If you would prefer to contact the Commissioners by phone or regular mail, click here for their contact information.

To let your Commissioners know how you feel about this matter, click here to go to the Commissioners' Contact Page.

Once there, click in front of your four Commissioners' names to send them your message.

Your Subject could be something like "Proposed Ordinance 03-6".

If you're stuck for words, your Message could be something like:

Dear Commissioner, In a few months, the Utilities Department will be submitting a proposed revision of Ordinance 03-6 for your approval. I encourage you to reject their Ordinance if it fails to specify the inexpensive, reliable, safe and FDEP-approved Dual Check Valve for residential properties with an auxiliary water system. Thank you.

Feel free to use your own words and tailor your message to fit your own situation.

And at the very bottom of their contact page is a capitalized anti-spam code that you must type into the block before pressing "Submit".

And I sincerely thank you for your help!


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