Senior Citizen Solid Waste Disposal Discount & Trash Bins

Trash Bins:

The County is changing the way it collects our garbage and recyclables by going to a system that will lower annual residential collection rates, introduce automation at curbside, and for the first time bring in revenues to the County from materials to be recycled. People in other places (including Tampa) that already have this system really like it. To read a very positive article about the trash bins written by the Tampa Bay Times' Sue Carlton, click here.

The County's Public Utilities Department has a lot of information about the new system here , including an extensive Frequently Asked Questions and a Video.

Our Community Association has provided this summary of the new program:

A Town Hall Meeting was held Thursday, April 25, 2013 with Hillsborough County officials to discuss the new trash collection and recycle program that will be implemented October 1, 2013, county-wide. Implementation for SCC will occur January 1, 2014. The new collection system will involve using 35, 65 or 95 gallon sizes - trash will be picked up twice per week like it is today, recyclables will be picked up once a week. Recyclables go in one container (blue) and trash in the other container (grey). All trash and recyclables, not placed in one of the new automated cans will not be collected. Yard waste pick-up has not changed (once per week), does not require the use of the new containers and as before is limited to bundles no longer than 4'. Non Standard (oversize) trash will be picked up by special arrangement - you must call the trash hauler to arrange and pay in advance. Basic cost for the trash and recycle service is included in your taxes. A fee schedule for over-sized items will be published in the near future. The video of the Town Hall Meeting is at Your Board of Directors will interact with the county officials to get this program implemented. These important elements will be provided to Hillsborough County:
  • For Sun City Center residents, we will request that one 35 gallon waste and one 35 gallon recyclable containers be provided to all SCC houses.
  • Residents can then change to larger containers between Jan 15 and Mar 15, 2014 at no cost, if they find that the 35 gallon size is too small.
  • Implementation of the program and delivery of new containers will be delayed until Jan 1, 2014 to accommodate the return of the Snow Birds. And at that time, the County will arrange to have their containers, which you are currently using, picked up, after the new cans are delivered.
  • Those residents that have medical conditions that are validated by their physicians can apply for a special service, at no charge. Forms are available in the CA office.

There will be much more information forthcoming as time goes by. If you have a particular question and you can't find the answer here or on the County's website, please be patient. The County is planning another public meeting for Sun City Center this fall.

Senior Discount:

If you are a senior citizen, you are entitled to a reduction in your "County Solid Waste Disposal Fee". This amounts to about $20 per year. Not exactly a fortune, but every little bit helps. And you could always give it as an extra contribution to the Library, Emergency Squad, Security Patrol or, best of all, the CA's July 4th Fireworks Show. You only have to apply once. After that, they will automatically discount it for you year-after-year! What a deal!

The reason for mentioning the Senior Discount in connection with the trash bins is that there are certain benefits in the new trash collection program for senior citizens. And the way that the Public Utilities Department will validate your being a senior citizen is if you have applied for or are receiving their Senior Citizen Solid Waste Disposal Discount. So, even though all the details of the new trash collection program have not been finalized, now is the time to apply for the discount so that you'll save money on your future Property Tax Bills and also that you'll be onboard for the senior citizen trash bin benefits - whatever they may turn out to be!

A Senior Citizen Discount is available when a homeowner turns 65 years of age. To check if you are already getting the discount, look at your Property Tax Bill which you received back in November. Look for the item under "Non-Ad Valorem Assessments" called "COUNTY SOLID WASTE - SW DISPOSAL". It is about half-way down the page - see the item marked with the red underline below.

The standard non-discounted amount is $82.57.

If you are a senior citizen, the discounted amount should be $58.84.

And if you are a senior citizen and live in a qualified condo association, the discounted amount should be $41.03.

If your last property tax bill shows the discounted amounts of $58.84 or $41.03 for "SW DISPOSAL", you do not need to apply again. You are set for life!

But, if you are not getting any discounts and you are or will be age 65 by January 1, by all means apply for the discount. You only have to apply once and the County will take care of it after that - year-after-year. If you haven't applied, the Application is available online or at the CA office. However, in order to receive this discount for the next billing cycle in November, this form must be mailed, emailed, FAXed before May 1!

For an official copy of the County's Cover Letter and Application Form for the discount, click here, which is the County's webpage for the discount. There are three ways to get the Application to them. You can mail it to them and help keep the Post Office from going broke. You can FAX it to the County at (813) 264-8915. And the third way is to send them an email with an attached scanned image of the Application with your written signature on it. They will accept any of the popular scan formats like .bmp, .jpg, .tif and .gif.

Be sure to read all the information in their Cover Letter to be sure you qualify.

One of the required fields on the Application is your property's Folio Number. If you don't have your last property tax bill handy, you can look up your Folio Number on the internet:

  • Go to the Hillsborough County Property Appraiser's website by clicking here.
  • Select "Owner Name Search" or "Address Search" from the panel at the left.
  • If you are searching by address, enter the "Street", do not enter the type of street. For example, if you were looking for Burlington Circle, only enter the word Burlington, not Burlington Circle. For West Del Webb, the Street Direction is "W" and the Street Name is "Del Webb".
  • Click on Search Records.
  • Your Folio Number is in the 3rd column over.

Here is our tax bill. I have marked in red where to look for the amount on your tax bill. As you can see by our amount of $58.84, we are senior citizens.

Tax bill example

There is a companion page that describes some other Senior Citizen Tax Exemptions for which you may qualify. Click here for that information.


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